Horizon Life Training

Horizon Life Training is a charity which aims to take people who have already begun that journey, having gained freedom from their addictions, onto the next level of being restored into the community, enabling them to achieve valuable work experience and qualifications.
This journey begins with the first of our four R’s….

Reaching Out: with God’s love, a message of Hope to the marginalized and dysfunctional person who is trapped in addiction. We believe they are someone’s son or daughter who needs a second chance in life.

Relieving: by giving the opportunity of a minimum 9 month placement at one of our residential abstinence-based programme partners, enabling them to deal with life-controlling issues, and in doing so find freedom through the Christian Faith.

Re-educating: through Horizon Life Training giving the individual the opportunity to continue on their transforming journey in developing and learning skills to attain employment, be restored in family relationships and become a valuable member of society.

Restoring: this is an important element and next step in the vision for the individual. Breaking free from the benefit culture and gaining a sense of worth through employment, and developing the personal skills needed for restored community living.

The training program will contribute towards sustainable economic growth and social inclusion in the area by developing a locally skilled workforce. The students will experience personal development in areas of self esteem and self belief enabling them to make lasting changes and thus lead more positive and productive lives.

Increasing the necessary skills required for the local farming and agricultural industry by adding more skilled and willing people to local labour resources. Ongoing friendship and support to a vulnerable and marginalized people group. Co-ordinate strategic business and third sector partnerships coming together to tackle local issues of unemployment, skills training and social issues.
For more information please contact info@horizonlifetraining.org.uk

By volunteering at Horizon Life Training I will help the staff in their training programmes and help to provide skills for those at Horizon.



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