Harrogate Child Contact Centre

The Harrogate Child Contact Centre was set up by the West Park Church members fifteen years ago. The doors were opened for the on 30 March 1996 and fill a gap in the legal process between solicitors, social workers, and the courts and separated families where children are involved. Our town centre building, in the proximity of the courts and solicitors, influenced this outreach into the community.

Child Contact Centres are neutral meeting places where children of separated families can enjoy contact with one or both parents, and sometimes other family members, in a comfortable and safe environment, when there is no viable alternative.

The children are our priority. When parents divorce or separate it’s the bewildered children who become victims of an unhappy and often acrimonious situation. Normal family relations break down and through the parents warring and mistrust of each other, the children are often ‘used’ to deny contact with the non-resident parent.

Through this valuable community work we have been touched by the gratitude from many referrers and users, learned to value others more, and above all, been reassured of the value of our Christian commitment when seeing a child running into the arms of a waiting parent.


For further details of the work undertaken here please contact;
Mrs Janet Roberts, email harrogateccc@yahoo.co.uk 01423 508246 / 0792 023 122
During my volunteering time with the Harrogate Child Contact Centre I will help other volunteers to set up before families’ arrival of families, serve refreshments when needed.


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