HELP 1 Web HELP 2 web

HELP webHELP 3 web

YAA webAJ Litter Pick 1 web

Ashville Grove street signRebecca Ashville sign WEB

AJ Litter Pick 2 webAJ Litter Pick 3 web

AJ Litter Pick 4 webJim Rosset web1Rebecca Rossett 1AJ Litter Pick 5 web

Dr Bs finished scone web Dr Bs order 1 web Dr Bs team WEB Dr Bs order 2 web Dr Bs 5 web Dr Bs 4 web Dr Bs 3 web  Dr Bs 1 WebDSCF0914 DSCF0913 DSCF0912 DSCF0903 DSCF0896 DSCF0894DSCF0920 DSCF0945 DSCF0969 DSCF0941henshaws 5 web henshaws 4 web henshaws 3 web henshaws 2 web henshaws 1 webAJ and Helen Mc


One thought on “Gallery

  1. Thank you Andrew for being so ‘hands on’, all the learners really enjoyed the experience of having you work alongside them at Dr B’s.

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